Bourbon and Baskets
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About this Cocktail

Creation of my very own. Reminiscent of a Bicycles and Baskets. A fun variant I have yet to try is bacon infused bourbon.

  • 53ml Bourbon (Elijah Craig)
  • 8ml Chocolate Liqueur
  • 22ml Strawberry Juice
  • 18ml Lemon Juice
  • 7ml Simple Syrup

Combine with a pinch of salt in shaker with ice. Shake and strain into coupe (mine sadly, still broken). You want to aim for 179ml as the end product and starts with 108ml. The difference is in dilution from ice although you may need to add a little water if not there. I measure annoyingly in milliliter: 30ml = ounce. 22.5ml = three quarters ounce. 15ml = half ounce. 7.5ml = quarter ounce.

  • D.H. Cohen
    It's freaking delicious but the measurements are more than a little bit of a pain. I'm in the midst of adapting it to ounces (no knock against the metric system - seriously) because A. most of us have the tools to measure in oz. & B. using anything less than 5 ml increments is just no fun at the bar. I'll post my results when I perfect the recipe. It'll be a tough task but I'm sure I'm up to it!

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