Bronx Silver Cocktail

Bronx Silver Cocktail
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About this Cocktail

Variations on recipes abound, and I'm probably not done playing around with this drink. In part because I'm determined to find a new cocktail using orange juice that grabs my attention. They seem to be few and far between. I think there's a great cocktail to be had somewhere here, even if this first go round fell a bit shy.

  • 2 oz. Tanqueray gin
  • .5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • .25 oz Vaya Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1 egg white (a bit shy of an ounce here)

Combine all ingredients and dry shake with intention and fervor. Add ample ice and shake with equal enthusiasm. Double strain into large sour coupe. Garnish optionally with Bittermen's Burlesque bitters, or other variety of your liking.

  • Jack Carter
    In your preparation, you forgot to add the Thin Man's instructions. To wit: You shouId aIways have rhythm in your shaking. A Manhattan you shake to a fox trot. A Bronx to a two-step time. A dry martini you aIways shake to waItzes.

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