G&T Old Fashioned
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About this Cocktail

With tonic syrup this seemed like a reasonably good theory to test. Started out using a London dry, which pretty much sucked - basically a flat gin and tonic.

Second try, Bols Genever and now we're in business. The inclusion of a chartreuse rinse made this officially worthy of sharing.

Everything great about a gin & tonic with a little more complexity and, dare I say, craft.

  • 2 oz. Bols Genever
  • 1/2 oz. Jack Rudy Tonic syrup
  • 3 dashes Regans orange bitters
  • Chartreuse rinse
  • Lime twist garnish

Rinse old fashioned glass with chartreuse, add all other ingredients to a mixing beaker, stir and strain into rinsed glass over one big cube and rub rim with big lime swath. Drop in peel and serve.

  • Andy S.
    You and Peter have done something wondrous things with this app! Thanks a thousand times from an avid user and fan!
  • Brandon Herring
    Thanks Andrew! We couldn't do any of it without the fantastic community so thank you for being part of it.
  • Benj Pocta
    Love this idea, man. Well done.
  • Brandon Herring
    Thanks Benj!
  • Jenn Wong
    That was awesome. Great idea!
  • 18.21 Bitters
    Wowza! Really great!

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