Happy Birthday America Jello Shots

Happy Birthday America Jello Shots
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From partyrehab.net

  • --- - "Cranberry Jello - 2 packages "- Blueberry Jello - 2 packages- 3 cups citrus vodka (set in freezer)- 2 cups water- "Star shaped ice trays "- "Non stick cooking spray "- Cookie sheets

Lightly spray the trays with the Pam and then kind wipe them out. Put the ice trays in the cookie sheets. Boil the water and put the blue jello in one bowl and the red in another add one cup of boiling water to each bowl and stir till the powder is dissolved (or do one flavor then the other flavor after). Now pour 1 1/2 cups of vodka into each bowl. Stir that up a little and distribute each flavor into their own ice tray. Let them set for a few hours and serve :)


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