Herb & Wood Boulevardier

Herb & Wood Boulevardier
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In an entirely different direction – once you’re tweaking why not stretch it even further – Liz Farrell, bar lead at Herb & Wood, follows her herbalist background with a Boulevardier which also fittingly matches her establishment’s name.

“We decided to riff on my background in herbs and botanicals along with where we live, San Diego, home of super hoppy IPAs,” Farrell says. So she opted for the Glenfiddich IPA cask Scotch, and then chose the rest of the lineup to build off that herbal base.

“We played off the botanical-tinged Scotch with the herbal, medicinal Gran Classico bitter,” Farrell says, as opposed to the brighter bitter of Campari. “Then, we really love Lustau’s vermouths, because the base wine is actually sherry rather than plain ‘ol red or white wine, which has a tasty nuttiness that really rounds out the flavor curve. Finally, heavily-hopped beers tend to have a tropical, mandarin orange-y tone to them, so we accented it with a bit of Dry Curacao orange liqueur.”

Photo Credit: Glenfiddich

Source: https://blog.distiller.com/whiskey-and-vermouth-pairings/

  • 2 oz of Glenfiddich IPA
  • ¾ oz Gran Classico Bitter
  • ¾ oz Lustau Vermut Rojo
  • ¼ oz Dry Curacao

Stir ingredients on ice until well-chilled. Strain and serve up in a coupe or Nick & Nora glass, with a burnt, expressed orange peel.


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