Mission Dolores Special

Mission Dolores Special
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About this Cocktail

On the weekends in Dolores Park in San Francisco this guy goes around selling young coconuts which he hacks open with a machete and then finishes with a hefty pour of spiced rum for $11. You can make this delicious drink for about $4 at home.

  • 1 chilled, fresh young coconut
  • 2-3oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum
  • 1 straw

Hack open a square opening at the top of the the coconut with a meat cleaver or other large knife. Do this before you've had anything to drink.

Pour out enough coconut water to make room for the rum. Fill the coconut with rum to taste (2-3 oz should suffice, depending on the size of the coconut).

Serve with a straw.

  • Esther Crawford
    The proper name for this drink is actually the Mission Dolores Adventure. Please update accordingly.

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