•••[ Pavlova Martini ]•••

•••[ Pavlova Martini ]•••
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About this Cocktail

I made this Martini for a competition in the Gold Coast, and used this for a few bars I have consulted for.. And had a pleasure to make this at my masterclass while I was in Melbourne last year.. What I wanted to do was a fruit extraction of the flavors from the fruit so it amplified the flavor profile of the martini in a smooth silkier smooth texture, rather then that watered down flavor, if that makes sense, so it helps linger on your palate.. And what the liquor43 does is help with that aroma and taste of the Pavlova Im trying to replicate..

  • 30ml Liqor43
  • 30ml Kettle One Vodka (Infused With Whole Diced Kiwi Fruits)
  • 2 large sized Strawberries
  • 1/2 Kiwi Fruit
  • 30ml Passionfruit Pulp
  • 30ml Cranberry Juice
  • 5ml Lemon Juice (Bar Spoon measurement)

__[Kettle One In-Fused Vodka]__
Very simple, dice some thick kiwi fruits that can fit through the neck of the bottle.. Now you can rapid infuse it or do it naturally.. At the end of the day it depends on how amplified u want the kiwi fruit to cut through the vodka. The two ways is 1) make sure the bottle isn't more then 3/4 full because alcohol expands when heated, then place in the dish washer a few times 2) naturally infuse it and wait it out.. For me I think 10-14days is perfect
__[Cocktail Preperation]__
• Muddle the strawberries and kiwi fruit
• Add the Passionfruit
• Add the Liqor43, Infused Vodka, & Cranberry juice
• Make sure you too up your Boston shaker with a lot of ice, then shake until the shaker is frosted.
• Double strain the mix into the martini glass, and push through the pulp through the strainer with the bar spoon
__[ Garnish ]__
What I did was pretty out there, but it was for a competition piece.. But if you do a simple crown with the cuttings from the Passionfruit, because its so buoyant, it will float in the middle of the drink, complimenting the drink in some ways..
__[ Hints & Tips ]__
1) please note I know there is 42Below Kiwi Vodka, but why I found was the 42Below Vodka had a little bit of a plastic kiwi flavor to it, hence why I preferred to infuse my own kiwi vodka.. Try it out and you can definitely taste the flavor difference.
2) fresh passion fruit sometimes can be very sour, so that's why I use the tinned Passionfruit because it has some sweetness to it.
3) Liqor43 is naturally a sweet liquor, so that's why I didn't add any sugar cubes or simple syrup, and the natural sugars from the fruit will naturally lift and sweeten the martini
4) another thing is to help balance the flavors out, add some tart flavors the help with the flavor profile.. Hence why I only added a bar spoon measurement of freshly pressed lemon juice
5) the reason why It's important to push through the pulp through the strainer is to help with the taste, the fruits will act like a sponge and absorb all of the alcohol. So it's important to extract the flavors from the pulp, and what this does is enhance the texture of the drink into a nice smooth silkier texture instead of a watered flavored taste, if that makes sense
__[ Contact Details ]__
Company: Gen2 Mixology Ambassador
Email: riggyrizzian@hotmail.com
Mobile: 0403146913
Instagram: mixologymaster
Facebook: Gen2 Mixology
To touch basis or any inquiries for some consultation or my recipes.. Shoot through a email or contact me personally.


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