The Barber of Suzille
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About this Cocktail

What a dreadful name for a drink!

The thing I love about a Negroni, beyond being a killer drink in its own right, is that it is the drink that keeps giving. No kit needed (the perfect take-on-holiday libation) and as a structure yields almost infinite variations which nearly always work.

1. Something strong for backbone and here I have stuck with the original gin.

2. Something bitter (let's face it this is the thing that makes it a 'proper' drink to us bar snobs) and here I have switched the Campari for the less well known but rather wonderful Suze, a Gentian based über-bitter French aperitif (as an aside my favourite drink-related Tommy Cooper gag... "What do the French call a set of dentures?" ... "Aperitif!". boom!).

3. Some sort of wine based aromatic. Here I have made a small switch from the classic sweet Italian vermouth to another Italian amaro, the delicious rhubarb-based Rabarbaro from Nardini.

  • 40ml Brokers gin
  • 40ml Suze
  • 40ml Rabarbaro

Add all ingredients to a chilled old-fashioned glass and stir with a large ice ball. Express a ribbon of orange zest over, curl and drop in.


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