This Year's Apple cocktail

This Year's Apple cocktail
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So I'm sure if I used the right search terms I would find something remarkably similar to this already on here (hell I did something similar last year, but this one is a bit more on point), but it's what I came up with. It's a pretty typical sour, with the two main departures being the use of Apple Cider Vinegar to replace PART of the lemon and the use of honey (I find that honey added straight when one has the energy for a very vigorous dry shake seems to enhance the texture) It was delicious. I've also discovers that I'm the kind of person who likes his eggwhite enhanced sours on the rocks . . . Who knew?

  • 2oz Laird's Old Apple Brandy
  • 1/2oz Honey
  • 1/3oz Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2/3oz lemon juice
  • 6ish drops Bittermens' Tiki Bitters
  • One egg white
  • Angostura bitters (to garnish)
  • Tbsp Apple butter (optional)

Add brandy, lemon, egg white, vinegar and honey to shaker. Vigorously dry shake. Add ice, tiki bitters and apple butter. Shake again. Strain into ice filled rocks glass or chilled coupe as you prefer. Dash angobitters over spoon to garnish.

  • Tim Walker
    I'm game for some rigorous dry shaking. Even have apple butter on hand. Looks like I have after work plans, thanks!
  • K. McCloskey
    I think that if you include the apple butter during the dry shake the fat content in the apple butter may keep the egg from whipping up ideally, so add it for the second shake, and I made it with and without and it was excellent both ways)
  • Tim Walker
    The apple butter I have on hand is a locally sourced job, no fat content, nothing but apple, apple juice, and spices. So non-issue there. That said, I just made this drink following your recipe precisely (including said a.b.) and am currently enjoying the hell out of it. Really quite marvelous! For me it's as much the muted, softened clink of the ice cubes with an egg white recipe as anything else. Music to my ears.
  • K. McCloskey
    Hmmm, I may be suffering from a misapprehension of fact as the preparation of Apple butter. I'd always assumed some kind of butter or oil was used in cooking the apples down to brown.... Google says I was wrong.

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