Various herbal etc infusions

Various herbal etc infusions
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So, I’m by no means an expert on this subject, but since I was talking about it with our own Dani Deluna over on the instagrams, and because this picture was so awesome, I figured I’d do a little post on this. There are lots of great sources on this on the web, as well as “The Drunken Botanist” (The Death and Co book has some really cool infusions in the back too.) A lot of people start with Limoncello. I think that I tried the chamomile rye from the D&C book and some Jalapeno vodka first.

So, since our garden has so many herb plants thriving I decided that I was gonna try to make some infusions/liqueurs this summer and try to use them in interesting ways. The three in the picture above all turned out great. I don’t really expect this post will be particularly helpful, except as a suggestion that you start experimenting with this stuff yourself.

Top: Ginger/Lemon vodka: Took a reliable dirt cheap vodka (Nikolai) and added a bunch of chopped up ginger and lemon zest. Unlike the fresh herbs these hold up to a very long infusion and I haven’t bothered taking them out, even a couple weeks later.

Bottom right: Pineapple Sage Gin (that is an infusion of Pineapple Sage, not an infusion of pineapple and sage). This one was actually very quick, put a big fat handful of pineapple sage (say three sprigs of 8ish leaves) in the jar full of gin, and shook repeatedly over the course of six hours or so (It’s the agitation I think that produced the vibrant green). Strained through a coffee filter and mesh strainer

Bottom Left: Honey/Herb Licqueur. So what I’ve discovered, and reading a bit backs it up is that a lot of fresh herbs will get funky if you infuse them for too long, so in order to make a stronger end product, I use as much herbs as I can, and do multiple batches/sessions of infusing. For this one, I added a mix of just about everything from the yard I thought would taste ok together. Basil, Thai Basil, Mint, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Sage, literally filled the mason jar and then poured vodka over it and infused it for about 18 hours. Took that out and repeated with just the two basils and mint, and then repeated again the day after. When I took those out I added a bunch of citrus zest and let it go for a week while I was out of town for work. Got back and did one more overnight infusion of basil and mint, and then added honey and shook and let it sit another night. Then strained it.

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