Bourbon Renewal
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About this Cocktail

I picked up a bottle of creme de cassis and went looking for recipes online that paired it with bourbon. When I saw that the first hit was something by Jeffrey Morgenthaler I knew I was in the right place. About this drink he says:

"This one was named after a band that my business partner, Tony Figoli was in a long time ago. I thought the name was absolutely brilliant, so I decided to do up a drink to commemorate the band – and my favorite spirit at the time.

I think the creme de cassis really works well with the sour component of this drink, and who can beat American whiskey on a warm spring evening?"

I've made it with a couple of whiskeys that I have around the house but I'm liking the Rowan's Creek. At 100 proof it stands up well to the sour and sweet.

  • 2 oz Rowan's Creek
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 oz Mathilde creme de cassis
  • 0.5 oz demerara syrup
  • 1 dash Ango

Shake long and hard, double strain onto rocks, garnish with lemon wedge.


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