Cynar Rye Smash
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About this Cocktail

This cocktail grew out of my love for the amazing combination of Wild Turkey Rye and Cynar. I've paired Cynar with every other rye that has graced my home and none meshes with its bitter medicinal qualities like the Wild Turkey does. Therefore I must exclaim at the outset that there are to be NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

... okay, substitute all you want, I'll never know.

  • 3 chunks lemon
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 1tbsp simple syrup
  • 1.5oz Wild Turkey rye
  • .5oz Cynar

- combine lemon, mint, and simple syrup in a shaker tin and muddle
- add rye and Cynar, add ice, shake heartily
- double strain over ice in a cold rocks glass
- garnish with mint if you're that type of person

  • Matt Shwery
    I'm that type of person.
  • Kevin O'Mara
    Then you're MY type of person.
  • Avatar
    Deleted account
    I just made one of these with fresh thyme instead of mint. It goes really well with the lemon and cynar. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Kevin O'Mara
  • Andy S.
    Ok. I know I'm late to the party here, but this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  • Craig E
    Is "1tbsp simple syrup" supposed to say "1 tsp"?
  • Matt George
    This is incredible!! Thanks
  • Alan Paul
    It being winter, I made this tonight without the lemon, subbed spiced Demerara for simple, and used Cynar 70. Quite delicious

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