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About this Cocktail

A variation on a variation of the classic Boulevardier.

  • 1.5 oz Rye (Willett Family Estate in this case)
  • .75 oz Campari
  • .5 oz Sweet Vermouth (Punt y Mes in this case)
  • .5 oz Dry vermouth (Noilly Prat in this case)
  • Pinch of salt (Kosher...of course)

Add ingredients over ice and stir.
Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange peel or twist.
Note: If you like, add a single rock of ice to cut the bitterness a touch more.

  • Brett Helms
    Finally got the chance to make this one. Yum! I used pink Himalayan salt to great effect.
  • Chris Messina
    I hacked this together with Amaro Montenegro, Vya Dry, and Aperol and it was very tasty.
  • Jo Go
    As an Old Pal fan I'm looking forward to trying this. Let you know if thumbs up or down later.
  • Chris Messina

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